About The Work

Gardens hold so much mystery and meaning for me. I treasure memories of my mother, an English woman, teaching me the names of local flowers and vegetation as I grew alongside them. Gardens became enchanting fairylands where tiny winged residents giggled as they hid amidst the leafy foliage. As I grew older and learned firsthand the satisfaction of growing vegetable and herb gardens, they came to represent the very wellspring from which the human race draws its vitality and sustenance. When gardens are approached in a spirit of honour and appreciation, they become a canvas upon which our species can interact with nature in a mutually beneficial relationship  one that is based in respect for life itself. 

When approached from a standpoint of my ongoing love of psychology and self-actualization, for me gardens become a metaphor for all that I hold dear in relation to concepts around personal and spiritual growth. From a seed, a plant grows into full abundance and splendor, producing and releasing seeds that bloom and ultimately perish, only to repeat the cycle in an ongoing march of life. So too, do we bloom in physicality, spirit and abundance, only to pave the way for those who follow in our footsteps. 


Despite the deeper meanings gardens hold for me, I find my work always moving in a more fantastical direction. I love the sense of joy and lightness I experience when I allow myself permission to play and to engulf myself in a world that is exactly as I wish it to be. And perhaps if I look long and hard enough, I will one day capture a wee glimpse of those tiny winged folk I left behind so many years ago.